Hot Weekend

The captain is surviving this hot, hot weekend by relaxing on the dock and enjoying the cool breeze blowing through the gazebo.

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The First Year

The Captain docked in Bradley Beach almost exactly one year ago. The day we arrived (I think it was July 22nd), we were in the middle of an unbelievable heat wave, which continued through the month of August. In spite of that, and the fact the we were just starting a major renovation project, we loved coming down here every chance we could.

As Labor Day passed, we discovered that our new house, which we had thought might only be fun in the summertime, was a wonderfully tranquil getaway even on the coldest winter day. There’s something fundamentally peaceful about this town, in stark contrast to our hectic first home near New York City.

In the past month, I had a temporary setback which distracted me from the blog, but I’m planning on moving forward with it full steam in the coming weeks and months.

Thanks for stopping by!

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We’ve gone to Taka many times in the past couple of years. I can’t say that I’ve ever been disappointed. The food is consistently good. The sushi is always fresh and interesting. The non-sushi dishes are outstanding. The ribs and Japanese meatloaf are examples of two such amazing selections.

The service is also consistently good. I think we’ve probably been served by every member of the wait staff at one time or another. Each and every one is very professional, very friendly and very knowledgeable about the menu.

It becomes obvious that the common thread which connects all these things is the owner, Takahiro Hirai. Taka, who descends from a Samurai family, pays an enormous amount of attention to all the details of his restaurant. He personally supervises the preparation of the meals. Occasionally, he’ll even work behind the sushi counter himself. He always makes a point of stopping by tables and chatting with the regular customers, even if only for a few minutes. He’s always watching to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

Overall, this is an excellent dining experience. I suppose I could gush over the scrumptious Ocean rolls, rave about the exquisite Tuna Tataki appetizer or rhapsodize about the excellent Mexican rolls, but there’s almost no point. Each and every item on the menu is carefully designed, wonderfully prepared and delightfully tasty.

If you haven’t tried Taka, take a chance to do so. It’s a BYOB, with reasonable prices and one of the jewels of the new Asbury Park.

Taka on Urbanspoon

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Irene’s Cuisine

My wife and I and a bunch of visiting friends had breakfast this morning at Irene’s Cuisine at 608 Main Street in Bradley Beach. It’s a great little place for breakfast and lunch. They have some of the best omelets I’ve had. The others had various types of eggs or French toast all of which looked and tasted (according to the our friends) great.

They have a good selection of lunch items, including a number of Greek specialities.

There’s seating indoors and outdoors, either on the sidewalk or in a private yard in the rear of the building.

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Municipal Ordinances Now Online

I’ve added a link to the Bradley Beach municipal ordinances to the Borough Information page.

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One of New Jersey’s Great Beaches (Bradley Beach, of course!)

Check out this story from someone else who’s figured out that Bradley Beach is one of the best beaches in the State.

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The Buttered Biscuit

The newest restaurant in Bradley Beach, open just in time for the summer, is “The Buttered Biscuit“. It’s located on the corner of Lareine Avenue and Main Street in the space where La Hacienda used to be. The owners, Liz and Dave McAllister, also run the summer only boardwalk eatery, “The Honeysuckle Cafe”. They’re open for breakfast and lunch from 7am to 3pm daily.

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Summer is Almost Here!

It’s gotten to be that time of year when it can’t possibly snow again. The grass is growing. The trees are blooming. The sun is getting warm. It’s almost summer.

It seems like just yesterday that we were shoveling 30 inches of snow from the driveway. We didn’t see the sidewalk leading up to our front door for what seemed like months. But the winter is finally over. It’s almost summer.


Next weekend, the crowds arrive. Our quiet little town by the shore becomes a bustling resort. It’s like that feeling I used to have when I worked in summer theater just before the doors opened for the evening’s performance. It’s almost time for the show to begin.

It’s going to be a wonderful summer!

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New Restaurant Links

Check out the restaurant links on the right. I’ve added a number of new entries.

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First Sign of Summer

I was walking over to the beach this morning for the first time in two weeks. We weren’t able to come down last weekend because of the Easter Holiday. I noticed that they put up the beach signs:

Sign at the Newark Avenue Beach Entrance


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