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Ocean Grove Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

The was a lot of damage to the newly rebuilt boardwalk, the fishing pier and some structures along the ocean. There appears to be only superficial damage to the buildings along Ocean Avenue, although part of the roof of the … Continue reading

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Asbury Park Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

The entire boardwalk area in Asbury Park has been fenced in while the merchants in the ocean front stores are cleaning up their shops. As with all the other towns, a tremendous amount of sand has been piled up against … Continue reading

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Bradley Beach Election Results

Here’s a link to the official Monmouth County election results which include a link to Bradley Beach. Congratulations to Gary Engelstad who was elected the new mayor of Bradley Beach!

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All Bradley Beach voting districts will be voting at the firehouse from 8am to 8pm.

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Update from the Mayor

Mayor Julie Schreck posted an update on Sunday to the situation in Bradley Beach which is available here.

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Power in Bradley

JCP&L has restored power to most blocks in Bradley Beach as of today. There may be some isolated homes still out due to damage to the feeder lines in the immediate vicinity of those properties, though.

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Hurricane Sandy Avon by the Sea

Avon by the Sea didn’t fare as well as Bradley Beach. Water from the surge washed back a couple of blocks and seems to have flooded most of the houses on Ocean Avenue and in the first ocean block. We … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy Bradley Beach Aftermath

We just returned to the house in Bradley Beach for the first time yesterday. Compared to many of the towns from Sandy Hook to Cape May, our town appears to have suffered relatively minor damage. The dunes, which appear to … Continue reading

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