New Dunes

The town has installed the wooden fences to contain the Christmas trees used as the foundation for the new dunes. As of  today, it looks like most of these enclosures have trees in them. Hopefully, within the next couple of weeks, we’ll get enough trees to complete them all.

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Asbury Park Christmas Tree Lighting

The Asbury Park convention center tree was installed and decorated this week. The official lighting ceremony is tonight (Saturday, 11/29/14) at 6pm. The event begins at 5pm with “The Billy Lawlor Band”. Afterwards, at 7pm, with be the Annual Ugly Sweater Party. During the event, donations will be collected for the Asbury Toy and Coat Drive.

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Nonno’s Ristorante Opens at 401 Main Street

Nonno’s Ristorante opened November 15th at 401 Main Street in Bradley Beach. This is the former location of Cerrato’s. According to chef Nicholas Falco, most of the offerings are made from family recipes passed down from generation to generation.


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New Traffic Light on Memorial Drive

The new traffic light at the intersection of Evergreen and Memorial Drive was finally activated on Friday, 11/14/14 at 10am. It’s the result of a 7 year long project by the Neptune City Council. It involved cooperation with Bradley Beach and several agencies including NJ Transit and the Port Authority.

The new light will provide another way to cross Memorial Drive in addition to the existing light at 6th (Brinley) Avenue. It will additionally have the effect of slowing down traffic as well as reducing pedestrian/bicycle accidents which have occurred over the past several years.

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Temporary Dunes Removed

The borough has removed the temporary dunes which were in place at the edge of the ocean just past the high tide point. These had been constructed to provide some measure of protection from storms during the winter months. The removal process was completed over the past weekend.

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Progress on Beach and New Dunes

Bradley Beach has made great progress restoring the dunes which were destroyed during Hurricane Sandy. They’ve completed building fenced in areas filled with Christmas Trees on about (in my rough estimation) 30 – 40% of the length of the beach. From what I’ve heard these will gradually be covered with sand and then planted with dune grass. The roots from the dune grass will anchor themselves in the buried trees and create a fairly solid protective dune. The original dunes were created this way after the ’92 storm and held through most of Sandy resulting in relatively minimal damage along Ocean Avenue.

The town is fixing several of the buildings along the boardwalk which were damaged by the storm.

It looks like things will be in great shape for the opening of the 2013 summer season! Come on down and visit us!


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Town Demolishes Honeysuckle Cafe

Last week, the town demolished the small structure at Newark Avenue which housed the Honeysuckle Cafe. It hadn’t seemed like the building was too badly damaged by Sandy, but it was presumably beyond repair.

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Bradley Beach Progress

Bradley Beach has made a tremendous amount of progress putting the beach back together. From what I’ve observed, the borough has been working non-stop to re-grade the beach and construct new dunes.

It is for good reason that Governor Christie singled us out as an example of what towns along the coast should be doing to recover from the damage caused by Sandy.

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll start a new photo series to show the progress being made in Bradley Beach, Asbury Park, Ocean Grove and Avon by the Sea.

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Ocean Grove Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

The was a lot of damage to the newly rebuilt boardwalk, the fishing pier and some structures along the ocean. There appears to be only superficial damage to the buildings along Ocean Avenue, although part of the roof of the meeting hall was ripped off. As with Bradley Beach, there was tremendous beach erosion which appears to have moved  5 or 6 feet of sand off the beach back up against the boardwalk and over Ocean Avenue.

The white building on the ocean next to the Asbury Park Casino built in 1938, however, sustained substantial damage. The rear portion of the building was completely destroyed. The family who owns it expressed a desire to rebuild.

Pieces of the Ocean Grove Fishing Pier were seen scattered along the beach in Bradley Beach. Many of the large pilings seem to have been responsible for the damage to some of the railings and stairways along Bradley’s boardwalk. I found electrical fixtures and wiring still attached to pieces of the pier at the Newark Avenue beach entrance. Presumably these were from the house which sat on the pier’s end.

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Asbury Park Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

The entire boardwalk area in Asbury Park has been fenced in while the merchants in the ocean front stores are cleaning up their shops. As with all the other towns, a tremendous amount of sand has been piled up against the boardwalk.

I was unable to see the front of any of those stores, but from the back it looks like most of them sustained a fair amount of water damage. For what it’s worth, all the buildings in the area seem to be still standing. The boardwalk on the north side of Convention Hall is in reasonably good shape.

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