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Bye Bye Bingo Hall

It’s certainly the end of an era. The bingo hall has been demolished. I don’t believe it’s been operational since Hurricane Sandy due to problems with the building which prevented the owners from getting a certificate of occupancy from the … Continue reading

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Mermaids Come Ashore in Asbury Park

The first annual mermaid parade took place on the boardwalk in Asbury Park yesterday (Saturday, 7/11/15) starting at noon. Loads of people showed up with colorful costumes on a beautiful summer day.

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Progress on Beach and New Dunes

Bradley Beach has made great progress restoring the dunes which were destroyed during Hurricane Sandy. They’ve completedĀ building fenced in areas filled with Christmas Trees on about (in my rough estimation) 30 – 40% of the length of the beach. From … Continue reading

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Town Demolishes Honeysuckle Cafe

Last week, the town demolished the small structure at Newark Avenue which housed the Honeysuckle Cafe. It hadn’t seemed like the building was too badly damaged by Sandy, but it was presumably beyond repair.

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Bradley Beach Progress

Bradley Beach has made a tremendous amount of progress putting the beach back together. From what I’ve observed, the borough has been working non-stop to re-grade the beach and construct new dunes. It is for good reason that Governor Christie … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy Avon by the Sea

Avon by the Sea didn’t fare as well as Bradley Beach. Water from the surge washed back a couple of blocks and seems to have flooded most of the houses on Ocean Avenue and in the first ocean block. We … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy Bradley Beach Aftermath

We just returned to the house in Bradley Beach for the first time yesterday. Compared to many of the towns from Sandy Hook to Cape May, our town appears to have suffered relatively minor damage. The dunes, which appear to … Continue reading

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Summer is Almost Here!

It’s gotten to be that time of year when it can’t possibly snow again. The grass is growing. The trees are blooming. The sun is getting warm. It’s almost summer. It seems like just yesterday that we were shoveling 30 … Continue reading

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First Sign of Summer

I was walking over to the beach this morning for the first time in two weeks. We weren’t able to come down last weekend because of the Easter Holiday. I noticed that they put up the beach signs:  

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The Honeysuckle Cafe

It’s still closed up for the winter, but the owners should be coming back from Florida soon to open up for the summer.

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