Ocean Grove Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

The was a lot of damage to the newly rebuilt boardwalk, the fishing pier and some structures along the ocean. There appears to be only superficial damage to the buildings along Ocean Avenue, although part of the roof of the meeting hall was ripped off. As with Bradley Beach, there was tremendous beach erosion which appears to have moved  5 or 6 feet of sand off the beach back up against the boardwalk and over Ocean Avenue.

The white building on the ocean next to the Asbury Park Casino built in 1938, however, sustained substantial damage. The rear portion of the building was completely destroyed. The family who owns it expressed a desire to rebuild.

Pieces of the Ocean Grove Fishing Pier were seen scattered along the beach in Bradley Beach. Many of the large pilings seem to have been responsible for the damage to some of the railings and stairways along Bradley’s boardwalk. I found electrical fixtures and wiring still attached to pieces of the pier at the Newark Avenue beach entrance. Presumably these were from the house which sat on the pier’s end.

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